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About Joy Kids care & Joy Public school

Welcome to Joy Kids Care & Joy Public School: Illuminating "Young Minds, Empowering Bright Futures!"

 Founded in 2001 by the visionary couple Late.Mr.  Chandrakant Patil and Mrs. Sandhyarani Patil, Joy Kids Care & Joy Public School is an esteemed educational institution that has been shaping young minds for over two decades. We take immense pride in our 23-year legacy of excellence, passion, and holistic development.


We understand that success goes hand in hand with creativity, and that is why we strive to ignite the spark of curiosity and imagination in each child. Inspired by the words of the great APJ Abdul Kalam, we believe that primary education is the perfect platform to nurture and harness the innate creativity of young minds.


Our journey began with the establishment of Jai Bhavani Education and Welfare Society (JBE Society) in 1999-2000, with the aim of spreading computer education in Bidar. Building on this foundation, we founded Joy Kids Care in 2001 with just nine children under our care. Today, we are proud to be a thriving institution, catering to students up to the 10th grade as dedicated educators.


Our institution was led by the late Mr. Chandrakant Patil and Mrs. Sandhyarani Patil. With his unwavering dedication, expertise, and remarkable leadership, Mr. Chandrakant Patil played a pivotal role in steering Joy Kids Care towards becoming a beacon of educational excellence in Bidar. His belief in nurturing talent, respect for diverse perspectives, and passion for social welfare activities have profoundly shaped the ethos of our institution.

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